Wealth services for your Employees

Ensuring your employees are provided with support, guidance and professional advice, communicated in a clear and straightforward manner

Financial Planning

Access to the right levels of guidance and advice gives your employees a better understanding of money and investments on a wider scale, helping them make better financial decisions now, and plan more effectively for their future. This can help employees feel more confident financially when it comes to dealing with or making major financial decisions.

Employee communications

The cost of providing benefits to your employees can be significant. However, if employees receive little or no advice about how to make best use of these benefits or what their true value is then they may not value them as highly as they should. Increased employee engagement levels promote better performance, employee retention and positive emotions towards work. Effective employee communications can help reinforce the real value of the benefits you are providing as well as enhancing your standing as employer.

Investment allocation and risk profiling advice

Choosing the right investment strategy is vital for pension monies and every single person has different needs, aspirations and attitudes towards risk. Naturally, not everyone wants to make informed investment decisions on their own, so we can help. Our investment research and experience has helped a number of clients select appropriate investment strategies at various points throughout their working life and into retirement. We offer a comprehensive advisory service to better understand members’ financial aims and attitudes to risk, so we can create their own personalised investment strategy.

Retirement planning services

Whilst many employers devote considerable time, money and resource to ensuring some form of pension benefit is made available to their staff, there still exists a real need for individuals to receive advice in relation to their own retirement planning. We are able to offer a range of services to support employees during their working lifetime, pre-retirement, at retirement and during retirement. This can include advice on funding for retirement, transfers, consolidating various pension pots, forecasts, how to generate an income, understanding the options at retirement, or alternate investment options.