Wealth services for Trusts & Charities

Helping you formulate an appropriate investment strategy, professionally monitor performance of the assets and recommended changes as required

Wealth advice for Trustees

Many trusts require advice in relation to the investment strategy to be employed in order to meet their investment objectives, obligations to beneficiaries and the requirements of applicable legislation. We work with trustees to help select and manage trust portfolios and support trustees in fulfilling their obligations without undue risks or worry. We offer bespoke investment management for capital growth and/or income generation. Our service provides a unique approach, designed for trusts that want a tailored investment portfolio, clearly defined investment policy, regular investment reviews, detailed reporting and cost effective investing.

Wealth Advice for Charities

If you are responsible for charity investment, it is essential to be seen as prudent and responsible, whilst seeking the best possible returns in line with an appropriate level of risk to meet the charity’s long-term financial objectives, subject to any financial and budgetary constraints. You might also need to take account of any ethical and environmental requirements. Working alongside charity trustees and their trusted advisers we can undertake investment analysis, implementation of the appropriate investment strategy as well as an ongoing monitoring and review service. We have experience in delivering clear, definitive investment strategies and appropriate risk controls. More importantly, we make the time to understand what is most important in achieving a charity’s objectives.  

For more in depth information, please read our intermediary services brochure:

Wealth Financial Intermediary Services