Wealth services for individuals

Providing a bespoke but comprehensive financial planning service, ensuring you receive the best advice and appropriate expertise to meet your financial goals

Financial Planning

Truly great financial planning produces great results. The problem is most people simply don’t have the time, resource or energy to properly address their financial needs, sadly resulting in too many clients that we see who have had financial plans ‘sold’ to them and other issues ignored. Worse still, once plans have been set up the client never hears from the adviser again. We can help by discussing and understanding your needs and aspirations, formulating a proper plan for you and providing reviews on a regular basis. Even if you are knowledgeable about finances, there’s no harm in seeking a professional second opinion about your financial plans.

Wealth Management

Looking after accumulated wealth is one of the most important aspects of financial planning but typically requires a bespoke solution to meet your needs precisely, ensure you achieve your capital and/or income targets, adopt appropriate levels of risk and ensure that solutions are flexible and adaptable.  Depending on your specific needs we can advise on the best allocation of your wealth either via carefully constructed diversified portfolios or via a more bespoke discretionary portfolio. We do this by carefully understanding your long term needs and objectives and our own comprehensive analysis of the investment market.

Retirement planning

A crucial issue but one that is oft neglected. We are able to offer a range of services to support you during your working lifetime, pre-retirement, at-retirement, and post-retirement. This includes advice on retirement planning, transferring and consolidating your pensions, how best to invest your pension monies, identifying what you will need and projecting what you will have, understanding your options at retirement or upon changing employment, helping you maximise your retirement income, and making sense of your pension funds’ performance.


Putting a little money away regularly is the best way of saving up for items such as holidays, home improvements, deposit on a house or a special family occasion etc. We  can help you to form a plan for long, medium or short term savings and help you put your spare cash to good use to build and conserve wealth taking account of your goals, timescale and attitude to risk.

Personal protection

One of the most important aspects of personal financial planning but not always given sufficient attention, is the protection of yourself and your family against any particular adverse event, such as death, loss of income or serious illness. Without proper protection all other financial planning matters such as investments and retirement planning will likely suffer as a consequence. We are able to advise on and arrange life assurance, mortgage protection, income protection insurance and critical illness cover that is appropriate to your circumstances and your budget.

Education fees planning

Whether its Private schooling or University many parents (or grandparents) are faced with the same key questions – how much will be needed to meet the spiralling costs of education (fees, clothing, trips etc.) how best to meet these costs? i.e. from income, savings, equity release, loans, investments etc. We can help you answer these questions and ensure your children or grandchildren are provided with the best opportunity for their education.

External Partners

We have established relationships with other key professionals to allow your finances to run smoothly, providing access to specialists in areas such as:

  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Legal services
  • Will writing
  • Private financing
  • Property Investment