Wealth Services for Family Offices

The financial landscape is more complex than ever and ultra high net worth clients ever more demanding. We can offer bespoke financial planning services tailored to complement the services you provide to your family office clientele, and give you the reassurance that your clients are professionally taken care of.

Our independence and experience allows us to develop the family office’s investment asset allocation with a view to maximising the risk/return profile. We have relationships across the investment management arena and experience in running very large structures.

Our core service comprises the comprehensive analysis of existing investment portfolios and construction of new bespoke portfolios in order to maximise capital growth, income or a combination of both.

Our services have been proven to increase returns,  save considerable research time and remove any unnecessary layers of ongoing investment management fees. We are also able to provide in-depth and ongoing analysis with professional constructive structuring advice, which includes sourcing or critiquing new opportunities that may be of benefit to the structure.

We develop collegiate but demanding relationships with our investment management panel and our research ensures only the best are utilised in their respective areas. We also develop specialist mandates, where necessary, to ensure the structures infrastructure is complete.

Our enhanced reporting will incorporate market commentary, comment on economic trends and investment considerations, as well as updates on relevant regulatory changes, when pertinent.

As this service is very bespoke, please contact Chris Huelin for further Information or to discuss your needs.