Wealth services for Business owners

Working behind the scenes to help you achieve your objectives so that you can focus on what’s important … running your business and looking after your clients

Key Person Protection

The death, critical illness or severe injury of a ‘key person’ (director, partner, shareholder or employee) can have serious consequences for your business (loss of profits, reduced capacity, loss of key clients/contacts, reduced practical know-how). We can structure appropriate KeyMan and/or Shareholder/Partner protection to help cushion your business from the full financial implications of such an event, and is a vital part of any good business risk management strategy.

Business loan protection

If your business has taken on commercial loans it is also vital to protect these to safeguard the future of your business. We can help secure appropriate loan protection that will repay any outstanding loans on the death of a business owner.

Corporate investment

Your plans for the future of the business must account for many fluctuating factors, not least the suitable investment of the business’s financial assets. A well-planned corporate investment strategy can help in maximising investment opportunities and making your hard earned money work equally as hard for you.

Directors/Partners pension planning

The pensions of business owners are usually an integral part of their business as well. With proper planning these can be used to ensure you invest monies tax efficiently, extract your profits and potentially protect them from any future creditors of the business.

Investing your exit proceeds

The decisions you make immediately before and after you exit your business will be crucial in determining the value of your wealth. Successful investment is critical but it is a field which requires the appropriate expertise. We can help you understand how best to invest the proceeds of your many years of hard work and achieve your objectives.